the School Day

Nursery : AM                                                               8.45am - 11.45am

 Reception and Key Stage 1 Morning Session:       8.55am - 12.00pm

 Reception and Key Stage 1 Afternoon Session:   12.55pm - 3.25pm


 Key Stage 2 Morning Session:                                  8.55am - 12.00pm

 Key Stage 2 Afternoon Session:                             12.55pm - 3.30pm


All children can go to their classroom from 8.45am where a member of staff will be on duty to provide supervision until registration begins.  All children should be in class at 8.55am when the register is taken. 

All entrance gates into school will close at 8.55am prompt to safeguard all children.  If you arrive at your child’s entrance after this time you must escort your child to the main entrance to gain access into school.  Parents/Carers will be asked to complete and sign a form as they hand their child safely over to the office staff to ensure your child receives their present attendance mark as they will have missed registration.  This also ensures that all children in school are accounted for.

Getting to and from School

Nursery, Reception and Key Stage 1 children

 Children should be accompanied by a responsible adult at the beginning and end of the school day.

  • Children will stay with their teacher at the end of the day until they recognise the adult who has come to collect them. If you are late collecting your child or if the person meant to collect them does not arrive, they will be taken to the school office and you will be contacted.
  • Please ensure you have completed a form providing the names of those adults who are authorised to collect your child from school. We will not release a child to anyone who is not on this list so it is vital it is kept up to date.  (In exceptional circumstances a parent can authorise an additional person but they must inform the school office before the end of the school day.)

Key Stage 2 Children

Most children in KS2 must still be brought to school and collected by a parent/carer or person named on the authorised collection form.  In Year 5 and Year 6 parents/carers may request that their child walks to school at the beginning of the day and walks home alone at the end of the day.  An agreement form available from the school office must be completed to authorise this choice.  This agreement between parents/carers and school can be revoked should their child not come from home straight to school or go straight home after school and if they become involved in anti-social behaviour either on the way to or from school/home

Parent/carers are also reminded that when travelling on public transport to and from school, they are responsible for the behaviour and safety of their child therefore all children should be accompanied when travelling on public transport.

At home time a member of staff supervises the children leaving school. Those children who catch a bus home are again the responsibility of their parents/carers.  Parents/carers are requested to complete a form if they wish their child to walk to and from home on their own. (This will only be approved for pupils in Y5 and Y6 and can be revoked should a child’s behaviour raise safeguarding concerns.)

Parents/carers and other adults who bring children to school by car, please note that the following practices are hazardous:

  • Parking / stopping outside the school gates.
  • Reversing into driveways and side streets.
  • Driving onto the school site.
  • Parking on the school driveway or in the staff car park.
  • Obstructing access in the neighbouring streets. (We ask that all drivers give consideration to the residents of these streets by ensuring that they do not block private access.)

Please ensure that when children travel by car, appropriate child seats are in place and seat belts are always worn.  We would also remind parents/carers that it is illegal to use a mobile phone when driving unless a hands free facility is installed in the vehicle.