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Sports Premium


 Albany Village Primary School are anticipating £17,700 in respect of the PE & Sport Premium funding for 2021/22. We plan to spend this money as follows:-

  •  Continue Professional Development of Staff for the delivery of Physical Education.
  • Transportation to and from sporting events.
  • Purchase of PE resources/equipment.
  • Access to local area service level agreement for sport and P.E
  • Continued maintenance and purchase of equipment
  • Children early access to swimming lessons when appropriate.
  • Funding of direct sports coaching (KD sports) for dinner time clubs/after school coaching.

 The PE & Sport Premium will continue to support Albany Village Primary School in providing teaching staff and teaching assistants with specific PE training through a training package delivered as part of the SLA offer for local schools. This training remains likely to be in the form of online or virtual sessions, or practical where conditions allow as a result of relaxing Covid-19 protocols. Additional School staff will have the opportunity to attend courses on ‘Real PE’ and ‘Real Gym’ schemes of work. In addition, the PE coordinator can attend twilight network meetings to discuss sport and share good practice. The PE curriculum will continue to be enhanced with workshops delivered to by change for life and the lifestyles and food programmes. In addition, we will continue to train some of our KS2 pupils to be Young Sports Leaders who can support our younger pupils during playtimes and lunchtimes with physical activity, again, when it is safe to complete this training under restrictions currently in place and within government guidelines for schools.

 Change for Life PE club during a lunchtime will continue, in order to raise participation levels in sport for all children, but particularly those children who have barriers to accessing activities. Mr Day will be delivering high quality PE coaching to every child in KS1 and 2 at least two days a week, composing an additional hour of PE for 100% of pupils in addition to timetabled curriculum learning. This major commitment to the health, fitness and wellbeing of our pupils forms the key development in this year’s action plan.

 We are hopeful that as restrictions for organised inter-school sports develop, Children from Albany Village Primary will represent the school in competitive festivals across  the school year, including Football, Dodgeball, Hockey, Kwik-Cricket, Tag Rugby, Tri Golf, Tennis and Athletics events.  The Sunderland School Games festivals culminate in an inclusive sports festival for all children, in a competitive setting.

Contingency planning includes PE, in the event of children absent from school due to a further escalation of Covid-19 lockdown regulations. These activities will be delivered through use of class email systems and Teams, referring to a range of online resources for pupils and relating these back to Real PE objectives. Our focus is to provide the children with fun physical activities which will further support their physical and mental well-being by raising fitness levels, skills, confidence and self-esteem as well as increasing access to all children, even when at home.

Albany Village Primary School hopes to build on its success and retain the “GOLD” Active Sunderland School 2020-2021 award.

In 2021–2022 100% of pupils will take part in the whole school organised sporting activities, such as the annual Sports Day and Health Week activities.

It has been a priority for sport leaders in school to re-establish swimming sessions as soon as possible for all children in Y5 following Covid restriction lifting, as a key part of their curriculum teaching. Swimming has begun on a weekly basis for all of these children with robust risk assessments in place to keep children safe.

Practical developments of both Nursey and key stage 1 and 2 yard areas have begun in the 2021-22 academic year, including line marking and building of target structures, to enhance the range of sports available to children using these areas.