Could you be entitled to claim a Free School Meal for your child?  Information relating to free school meals for families can be found on the TfC website:



The process for applying for a free school meal is easy!  Sunderland City Council have set up a Family Portal for parents and carers to make their application for free school meals using the Family Portal rather than by paper application.  If is so important for Parents/Carers to register online via the Family Portal at:-

Applications managed through the portal will allow Sunderland City Council to communicate securely with parents about their application and will enable them to carry out follow up eligibility checks on those families who are not initially eligible.  Parents/Carers will also be able to check their eligibility for a 2 year old free early education place within the same portal for any younger siblings.  School receives a weekly report each Friday afternoon to inform us of the status of children who are eligible for a free school meal, children whose eligibility has ceased and children for whom we have received applications but who are not eligible.

If your child is moving from Nursery into Reception Class or from Y2 into Y3 please apply for a FREE SCHOOL MEAL.  This will ensure you will be eligible for the Voucher Scheme which is provided over some of the school holidays.  If you already receive FREE SCHOOL MEALS and receive Vouchers you do not have to re-apply as eligibilty lasts through the whole of your child's primary school education.

If you require assistance with this process, please do not hesitate to call into the School Office if you think you may be eligible and we will be happy to assist you.